Friday of 5 Lent

April 12, 2019

Lord you know everything —John 21:17

Peter knows in his heart that he loves Jesus.  But he knows there is more, there is always more that he can do to show his love.  He may not be good at showing it, but the love is there.  And Jesus is capable of discerning that love because He knows everything.

For the vast majority of us in the Church, we have grown up knowing that Jesus loves us.  We learned it as a song when we were young: “Jesus loves me this I know…”  But for many of us we really don’t have a clue how much we love Jesus.  Like Peter we can argue with the Lord decrying His questioning of our love.  Nevertheless, again like Peter, we know that our expression of love for Him is not what it could be.  There is more that we can do.

Each time Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love Me?” Peter answered, “You know!”  And the third time, in his grief over the questioning and the use of the familiar verb phileo, Peter calls upon Christ Himself as witness.  We too have failed and faltered in our love for Jesus.  But the good news is that Jesus knows.  He is always aware of our childlike attempts to convey that love to Him.

On our refrigerator at home there is a paper that my granddaughter, Ruth, with the help of her mother, prepared for Miranda.  It is titled, “All About My Oma”.  It was given to Miranda on Mother’s Day as a sign of love from granddaughter to grandmother.  There are some errors in fact on it.  For example, it declares that Oma “is 2 years old.”  Regardless, this document is prominently displayed in our home because it is a testament to Ruth’s love for her Oma.  

God has our refrigerator art on display in heaven.  He knows everything, even the things that we don’t get quite right.  He knows our love, and He wants us to know how much we love Him.  When we do, we will know there is more that we can do to show that love.  That will help us to grow in our love for Him.


One thought on “Friday of 5 Lent

  1. I love that part about God having our “refrigerator art” on display in heaven. What a great visual of important our love for Him is to Him.


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