Maundy Thursday

April 18, 2019

God Touching Mind, Body, Spirit

Read Luke 1:18-20,59-64

Sometimes a head cold is just a head cold.  Other times it is a wake up call from God, a reminder that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and need rest, nourishment, and exercise.  And sometimes God touches our body, our mind, or our spirit in order to call us to repentance.  In the passage noted above, John the Baptist’s father was struck mute by God in order to bring him to obedience and repentance.  He accepted the gift and rejoiced greatly in God in a Spirit inspired song of praise (Luke 1:67-79). 

My father was a nominal Christian most of his short life.  But at the age of 48 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and that changed everything for him.  During an exploratory surgery to determine the possibility of removal of the tumor he died on the operating table and was successfully revived.  During the time his heart was stopped he had a revelation of Christ’s love for him.  Upon awaking he called for our parish priest and made his confession.  His life was transformed.

God is trying to speak to us, to invite us to receive the gift of repentance.  But are we listening?  According to the FDA over 17 million Americans take analgesics every day, not simply to treat pain, but to avoid it completely.  However, pain is one way that our bodies speak to us, and a means for God to communicate with us via our bodies.  There is obviously a right use of analgesics; however pain avoidance may be inhibiting our ability to hear from God.  Are you doing self-administered palliative care to avoid repentance?  Or maybe you are experiencing a troubling in your mind or spirit.  Are you paying attention to these signs and lifting them up before the Lord?  He wants to speak to us, and He often uses our bodies as a vehicle of communication.  Don’t hide from Him, embrace Him and ask Him to speak to you personally.


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