Thy Word is Truth

Meditations on the Daily Lectionary Readings of the Gospel

Lent begins day after tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. The Daily Lectionary may be found in the Book of Common Prayer, in the Simplified Liturgy of the Hours which I compiled, or on the ICCEC web site at: In the lectionary, there are lessons appointed for each day from the Old Testament, the Epistles, and Gospel, together with a portion of the Psalter. We will concentrate on the Gospel readings. Each day during Lent I will post a meditation on the Gospel appointed for that day, with a notation of the Biblical citation at the beginning of the meditation.

Tomorrow, Shrove Tuesday, I will post the introduction to these meditations. Please check it out.

I would welcome hearing from you during the season. Any feedback you wish to offer would be appreciated. Please comment, or you can write directly to me via e-mail. I would enjoy the interaction about these Gospel readings.


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