Friday of 2 Lent – March 13, 2020

Read Mark 4:35-41

As we approach the end of this week we have two stories revealing the power and authority that has been given to Jesus by the Father.  The first story shows His authority over nature.  The story appointed for tomorrow reveals His authority over the demonic.  Both stories are found in all three synoptic Gospels, but there are some details in both of these stories which are unique to the Gospel of Mark.

In the reading today, we see Jesus exercising His authority over the wind and waves.  But the unique detail that Mark provides is that, before they depart, the disciples “took Him with them in the boat, just as He was” (italics added).  This peculiar phrase makes sense in light of Mark’s experience.  The disciples, and Mark by extension, had seen Jesus as a teacher, and the disciples call Him “teacher” or “Rabbi” in vs. 38.  But as Mark later learned through experience, and the disciples learned in the boat on the sea, He is far more than a teacher; He is Lord over creation.  There is nothing that is beyond His power—even the wind and waves.  Jesus wasn’t afraid of the weather.  He was asleep in the back of the boat.  As a result, Mark is pointing out that we can draw on His peace, and rest in His presence, and trust His power to deliver!  If we acknowledge Him to be who He is, just as He is, we too, have nothing to fear.

All of us will, from time to time, run into situations in our lives when we are powerless to remedy what has happened.  Sickness, accidents, financial problems, no matter what it is, we can turn to the Lord Who is all-powerful.  And we can trust Him.  Too often we try to take control and fix the situation.  And all-too-often we make it worse.  Jesus is in your boat.  He may be asleep in the back, but He is still Lord of all creation, and you can rely upon Him to calm the storm.  You need only ask.


One thought on “Friday of 2 Lent – March 13, 2020

  1. If the One Who scolded the seas as if they were unruly children, only to have them obey, is our King, why would we think that ANYTHING that comes in our lives (including COVID-19) is too much for Him to handle?


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