Thursday of 5 Lent – April 2, 2020

Read Mark 10:17-31

Undoubtedly our Lord did much more teaching in preparing the disciples for the Passion than is recorded here.  For example, Matthew and Luke have included additional teaching material in their respective Gospel narratives that is not found in Mark’s Gospel.  But Mark concludes this section of Jesus’ preparation with the story of the rich young man’s encounter with Jesus.  There is much that Jesus has to say to this young man, and to us through Mark’s relating of the story, but the key is found in Jesus’s response to the man’s declaration that he has kept all of the commandments.  Our Lord said, “You lack one thing; go, sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”  The Lord’s message is simple.   Where is your focus?  What are the things that you hold dear?  Whatever it is, none of it compares to having a relationship with Jesus, the Son of God.  His final exhortation to the young man summarizes all of His teaching:  “Come, follow Me.”

Once again the disciples find that Our Lord’s words shatter their preconceptions about the kingdom.  “How hard it will be for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God!”  They have been taught that riches are a sign of God’s favor.  How can it be that one favored by God will not enter the Kingdom of God?  Peter reminds Mark of the sacrifices that he and the other disciples made.  Mark records that Peter said to Jesus, “Lo, we have left everything and followed you.” And Jesus assures them that they will receive a greater reward, but it will come with a cost.  There will be persecutions in this life, but “in the age to come eternal life.”

The way is narrow that leads to eternal life, but Jesus assures Peter, and all who follow after him, that the sacrifices are worth the cost.  “Come, follow Me,” says the Lord.  His way leads to eternal life.


One thought on “Thursday of 5 Lent – April 2, 2020

  1. This may sound a bit radical, but I think that, too often, we don’t encourage those who are coming to Messiah, to do just as you said… consider the cost. The walk of the follower of Yeshua is a challenging one. Frequently, however, a perverted gospel gets taught that says (in effect), “Just come to Jesus and all your problems will solved and life will be easy”. Life in an army is never easy, and we are called to be God’s occupying force here on earth until He returns to claim His own.
    “There will be persecutions in this life, but “in the age to come eternal life.” ” But we don’t go through it alone. And THAT is where the hope comes in.


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