Of Meteors and Masks

[The Perseids meteor shower is peaking this week.]

This morning’s sky was clear.  There was no moon and the stars shown brightly as a crisp canopy over the earth. I rose early, said my prayers in the office of Vigils, then lay on the driveway and watched for meteors.  There were many.  But it was the array of stars that caught my attention–there were literally millions!  I could not see them all, but I knew they were there, just as I know that God is there, though I do not always see Him.  That covering of stars over the dark night was His reminder to me that His love covers us in the midst of the darkness in which we currently find ourselves.  God knows what is going on in our world, and His eye is upon us, His hand is reaching out to us, and His light is there to guide us through the darkness.  He loves us, and wants us to look for Him in just the same way as we go out in the darkness to look for meteors.  I could not predict when a meteor would streak across the dazzling display of stars and planets, yet I knew that when one would grace my gaze with a joyful, almost playful spectacle, it was worth taking the time to look.  It is worth the time and effort to look for the face of God in the midst of our darkened world.

The heavenly display of stars, and planets (Jupiter was very bright this morning), and meteors really isn’t a big deal.  Those heavenly lights are there every night.  We just don’t always look up and take in the majesty of God’s gracious display of beauty and wonder.  In the same way, God’s love is ever present.  But we don’t always look up. We don’t always search for His Presence when times are cloaked in darkness.  But when we do, He is faithful to wrap us in the arms of His mercy and love.  It is worth taking the time and effort to pause and look up to Him.

This pandemic is here to stay for now.  None of us wants to go back to wearing masks or practicing social distancing again.  We are tired.  And it seems that the darkness is growing deeper rather than abating.  But just as God reveals His light and love in the midst of the darkness, so too, we who are called by His Name must bear His light in the midst of the darkness.  Those around us may not be looking up and seeking Him, but in the midst of the darkness may we be like the meteor.  May we surprise with a display of the light of Christ those not looking for it.  His light is in us.  Let that light shine out from us and streak across the dizzying darkness to reveal the love of God to those who are lost and losing hope. We can do that simply by walking in His light and His love and keeping our eyes on Him.

Be loving and charitable toward all.  As St. Paul exhorted Titus, “Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work,to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.” (Titus 3:1-2)  If you are asked to wear a mask, do it not for yourself, do it for the love of your neighbor.  If you are inconvenienced by pandemic protocols, swallow your complaint and smile.  Your graciousness and charity toward others may be the only light they can see in these dark times.

It’s still dark, but I came in a little over an hour ago because the morning mist and low level clouds were beginning to obscure the starry display.  Nevertheless, I know that the divine dance continues even behind the fog and clouds.  Be assured.  Though you cannot always see God’s hand at work in the world around you, He continues in love to work behind the clouds.

God bless you all.  Look up.  Seek Him in the darkness, and let His light shine through you.


2 thoughts on “Of Meteors and Masks

  1. I am so far behind in my blog readings, that this was like a breath of fresh air.
    Your counsel is right on point when you so eloquently reminded us, “in the midst of the darkness may we be like the meteor. May we surprise with a display of the light of Christ those not looking for it. His light is in us. Let that light shine out from us and streak across the dizzying darkness to reveal the love of God to those who are lost and losing hope.”. This we must do. And we can ONLY do so in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for the reminder.


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